Where are fiberglass pools made? (2023)

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Leisure Pools is an Australia-based manufacturer of fiberglass composite swimming pools with a manufacturing facility located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Why fiberglass pools are bad?

One of the biggest gripes that we see have to do with the slippery surface of a fiberglass pool. The fact is, this material can be so slick that pool users can actually slip and fall. This can be a real problem for pool steps, where a slip-and-fall accident can be dangerous.

Who makes the largest fiberglass pool?

Biggest Fiberglass Pools

  • Leisure Pools: Mediterranean (16'x40' freeform)
  • Viking Pools: Island Breeze II (16'x40' Rectangle)
  • Trilogy Pools: Atlas (16'x40' Rectangle)
  • San Juan Pools: Luxor (16'x44' Rectangle)
  • Barrier Reef Pools: Whitsunday 1 (15'8''x40' Rectangle)
  • American Fiberglass Pools: Frio (18'x43')

How many years does a fiberglass pool last?

Most fiberglass pools are known to last 25-30 years, but we take that to the next level. Our manufacturer, Narellan Pools, makes the best fiberglass pools around. Their unique fiberglass formula results in a pool that can last as long as 50 years! Plus, these pools are notoriously easy to maintain.

Who makes the best fiberglass pools in Australia?

Made In Australia For Over 30 Years

Barrier Reef Pools is the Largest Manufacturer of Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pools in Australia. A Barrier Reef fibreglass pool is available in a range of shapes, sizes, designs and colours to meet all of your swimming pool needs.

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What is the deepest fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pools that are 35' to 40'+ long the depths can go anywhere from 3 ½' to 8' deep. Most pool manufacturers realize that the majority of pool owners and bathers alike will tend to gravitate toward a shallow style pool so that people can stand, sit, relax, play, and socialize.

How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

Fiberglass pools are affordable and low-maintenance pool options. Fiberglass pools cost between $20,000 and $85,000, or $52,500 on average. The more budget-friendly options involve DIY installation and don't include accessories like cement patios, while those on the higher end include all the bells and whistles.

What are the disadvantages of a fiberglass pool?

List of the Cons of Fiberglass Pools

  • Poor installation practices can impact the quality of your pool. ...
  • The fiberglass can interfere with the quality of the water. ...
  • There is still a significant cost to consider when installing a pool. ...
  • Fiberglass pools are prefabricated. ...
  • The fiberglass can be susceptible to warping issues.

Will fiberglass pools crack?

Fiberglass pools can craze or check crack from imprecise manufacturing or when the surface is not fully supported, like under the steps or areas where the backfill is eroded. Gelcoat can also crack during transport and installation if it gets bumped around too much.

Is a fiberglass pool worth the money?

Both are considered top-tier pool building materials. ... That said, in terms of total cost of ownership, it's worth noting that maintaining a fiberglass pool is generally cheaper. That's because fiberglass is more algae resistant, and therefore could save you money on chemicals over the life of the pool.

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Which fiberglass pool is best?

The Best New Fiberglass Pool Models for 2020

  • The Tropic Fiberglass Pool Drawing by Sun Pools.
  • The Tropic Fiberglass Pool Model by Sun Pools.
  • The Exquisite Fiberglass Pool Model from Imagine Pools.
  • The Barrier Reef Bondi Model Fiberglass Pool.
  • Latham Pools Corinthian 14 Fiberglass Pool Model.

How big of a fiberglass pool can you get?

Because we do have to haul the swimming pool to your home, fiberglass pools are usually no wider than 16 feet. Any larger than this, and we would go beyond the oversize load limit, which would make it much harder to deliver the pool. Most fiberglass pools are also no longer than about 40 feet for similar reasons.

Can fiberglass pools be salt water?

Fiberglass swimming pools are very compatible with salt water systems. ... Salt water is abrasive on the interior surfaces of concrete/ gunite pools, especially those that have plaster within them. Many families report that they enjoy swimming within a pool that has a salt water system.

Can you install a fiberglass pool yourself?

If you're just starting your research, you're probably thinking: "Fiberglass pools are conceptually easy to install. ... However, fiberglass pools are a perfect Do-It-Yourself project for anyone with basic excavation and plumbing experience—and, of course, time.

Does a fiberglass pool increase home value?

The National Association of Realtors has said that a concrete or fiberglass pool may add roughly 5% to a home's value, but again, this number can vary. In other words, although you will get some returns (financially speaking) for your swimming pool, they likely won't match the overall cost of the pool project.

Are fiberglass pools healthy?

The short answer: No, they shouldn't be. The long answer: Fiberglass can be harmful if you breathe it in, and the raw material can be irritating to bare skin. The good news is, you're not going to be swimming in an exposed fiberglass pool. No one is, as long as you purchase it from a quality manufacturer.

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Will fiberglass pools crack in cold weather?

Fiberglass Pools in Cold Climates

Freezing and thawing won't strain or crack a fiberglass pool like it might with a concrete pool, so you shouldn't have to worry as much about your pool cracking or breaking.

Can you Relevel a fiberglass pool?

The Installer - By and large, it IS very possible to level most fiberglass pools within the 1” standard. This is where the experience and attention to detail of the installer comes into play. There are two key points to leveling a fiberglass pool: the initial set, and leveling as the pool gets filled with water.

How much does it cost to fix a crack in a fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pool repair costs $300 to $400 for a gel coat that restores dinged, scratched and cracked surfaces. Expect to pay up to $800 more to repaint after doing the repairs. You also have to cover the cost of draining the water, refilling the pool and applying the right chemicals.

How long do Viking fiberglass pools last?

A fiberglass pool is expected to last up to more than 25 years – the reason they are the most low-cost option in the long run. Their surface does not support algae growth and resists stain, which means maintenance cost and hassle is significantly minimized.

Can fiberglass pools be heated?

Yes, people have a heater, but who wants to spend that kind of money heating one of these pools? On the other hand, fiberglass pools are very easy to heat, and once the sun heats it up a bit, all it takes is an hour or two to get the temp just perfect on a cool evening costing less than 10 dollars.

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How much does a 12x24 fiberglass pool cost?

How Much Does A 12x24 Inground Pool Cost? A 12x24 inground pool costs an average of $33,696 for fiberglass, whereas a vinyl liner pool runs $26,208, and a gunite or concrete pool costs $37,440.

Which type of pool is best?

In conclusion: what is the best type of swimming pool? We firmly believe that the Leisure Pools composite fiberglass swimming pool is the best available swimming pool structure for 95% of customer requirements. We urge people on a budget to look at fiberglass before above ground and vinyl liner pools.

How much does a 12x24 pool cost?

12x24 Inground Pool Cost

A 12-foot by 24-foot pool is considered medium-sized, and is suitable for swimming laps. The cost for this size, on average, will be between $26,000 and $38,000, depending on the type of material used. Materials and their average associated costs are as follows: Concrete, $38,000.

How much are Viking Fiberglass pools?

Viking Shells 2020- (with any Viking upgrade finish):

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14 X 28 (Valencia) $18,000 plus tax and delivery. 14 X 30 (Carmel) $19,200 plus tax and delivery. 14 X 33 (Claremont) $19,600 plus tax and delivery. 16 X 33 (Lake Shore) $20,800 plus tax and delivery.

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