Nordson Dispensing Equipment in The Netherlands (2023)

IndustrialDispensing Systems in the Netherlands

Nordson's new facility in the Netherlands is a major leap forward in sealant dispensing technology. Featuring advanced dispensing systems and services, the facility allows us to better serve our customers in a broad range of industries. Our cutting-edge dispensing solutions are designed to deliver reliable performance and cost savings, enabling customers to streamline their production processes.

Nordson provides application engineers with the best-in-class control technology that is needed to help industry manufacturers stay ahead of the competition. Our application engineers are well versed in the cutting edge technologies and services that will help you achieve faster manufacturing times while also ensuring improved quality control. Additionally, we have an extensive showroom, where you can see our dispensing products before purchasing them.

Application of Sealants and Adhesives with Innovative Features

Dispensing equipment for application of sealants and adhesives is a kind of mechanical device that is used to accurately apply small amounts of material such as sealants, adhesives, and greases. It has an array of innovative features like precise dispensing control, with adjustable volume settings; accurate metering; fast switchover between dispense modes; and low-cost operation.

The Nordson Pro-Meter Soffers an advanced level of material application control. This is enabled by its servo motor with absolute encoder that allows for the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability with greater speed and precision. It also features a streamlined installation process, allowing operators to set up the system in less time than other competitors.The Pro-Meter S is designed to work in tandem with a robot arm, allowing the robot to accelerate and decelerate along its programmed path with an analog input signal. This delivers a uniform amount of material, reducing waste and improving production efficiency. With its robust design, high volume accuracy and repeatability, the Pro-Meter S is ideal for automated sealant and adhesive applications.

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Rhino Bulk Unloaders: dispense high viscosity, ambient-temperature adhesives and sealants

The Rhino Bulk Unloader has the capability to quickly switch between two air motors, allowing for uniform material output during rapid-cycling. This is made possible by a dual air-piloted valve that provides consistent material pressure.Its modular design makes it easier to accommodate changes in application requirements when needed. With large internal passages, the unloader increases pump efficiency while also minimizing flow resistance and material shearing inside the machine. This ensures more consistent material viscosity with reduced material degradation.

Thanks to its features, the Rhino Bulk Unloaderis highly beneficial for applications involving high viscosity adhesives and sealants at ambient temperatures. It can make production faster and more efficient, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The unloader is also simple to operate, making it the ideal choice for busy manufacturing environments.

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Servo-Driven Two-Component Metering Systems

Servo-driven two-component metering systems are used in a variety of industries, from automotive to medical device manufacturing. These systems combine the accuracy and precision of servo-based movement with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of two component metering. This allows for precise control over flow rate, repeatability, and accuracy when dispensing materials or components. Servo-driven two-component metering systems offer the capability to accurately and consistently meter materials in a variety of viscosities, making them an ideal choice for production processes and product development.

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Nordson Pro-Meter A2K and Pro-Meter D2K are designed to meet the demands of high-volume production with their servo-driven two-component metering systems. Their positive rod displacement technology allows for precise ratio control, volumetric output control, and repeatability—ensuring that you get consistent results each and every time.Nordson Micro-Meter 1K is the perfect solution for smaller production runs. Powered by positive rod displacement technology, it provides precise ratio control, volumetric output control, and repeatability—allowing you to produce consistent results with precision accuracy.

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Dispense Valves 1K and 2K

Dispense Valves 1K and 2K are pneumatically actuated dispense valves specifically designed for use in high-precision dispensing applications. The valves feature a low profile, compact design which allows them to fit into even the tightest of spaces. They are ideal for dispensing fluids with viscosities ranging from water thin to thick pastes.

The valves feature an adjustable stroke with a maximum of 0.3mm, as well as a variable flow rate from 0-500ml/min. Additionally, the 1K and 2K both offer manual or solenoid-actuated operation for hands-free dispensing applications.These dispense valves can be used in a variety of sealing and encapsulation applications, such as automotive components, medical devices, and electronic circuit boards.

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Contact Nordson in The Netherlands

Whether it is dispensing adhesives, coatings, polymers, sealants or biomaterials, managing fluids, testing and inspecting for quality, treating surfaces or curing - Nordson has the solution. Our maintenance services are designed to ensure success in any business for your dispense system. We leverage advanced technologies and extensive technical expertise to provide maintenance solutions that exceed expectations. Our products are designed using advanced technologies and are backed by extensive technical expertise, enabling us to provide customers with innovative solutions that exceed their expectations.

With our Automated Dispensing Solutions, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient dispensing for a variety of industries. That is why our team provides decades of combined experience to ensure that you get the optimal performance from your automated sealant dispensing equipment. Our products and services are designed with your unique application in mind, providing unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. With our wealth of experience, we are confident that we can provide you with the best possible solution for your needs.

We also offer case studieswhich analyse usage through different applications and environmental conditions. This means that we can provide a comprehensive overview of all our solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. Contact ustoday to learn more about how we can help you achieve maximum performance from your a automated sealant dispensing equipment. You can find us on Google maps in The Netherlands.

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About Nordson ICS- Industrial Coating Systems Division

Founded in 1954 to produce and market airless spray equipment, today manufacturers rely on our equipment for the precise application and curing of powder coatings, liquid paint, ambient temperature adhesives and sealants, and food and beverage container production. Our solutions help our customers improve their manufacturing process, produce better products and become even more competitive.We do this by combining in-depth knowledge, world-leading technical expertise and precise, performance enhancing production solutions for some of the world’s most demanding and diverse manufacturing environments. We offer world leading application and curing equipment for:

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  • Powder coating
  • Liquid spray painting
  • Container coating
  • Automotive applications
  • Battery applications
  • Precision dispensing

We encourage you to join us on our social media channels and stay informed about the latest updates and developments in our company. OurInstagram,Twitter,Facebookand LinkedInaccounts provide you with useful information and insights into our business.Follow us to keep up-to-date on the latest news and get involved in conversations about our products and services. You can alsoget in touchwith our representatives or explore our most important moments and advancementsthroughout the years.

About Nordson Corporation

Nordson engineers, manufactures, and markets differentiated products and systems used for dispensing and processing adhesives, coatings, polymers, sealants and biomaterials; and for managing fluids, testing and inspecting for quality, treating surfaces and curing. These products are supported with extensive application expertise and direct global sales and service.

We serve a wide variety of consumer non-durable, consumer durable and technology end markets including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, appliances, energy, transportation, building and construction, and general product assembly and finishing.Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, the company has operations and support offices in more than 30 countries. You can also stay connected, engaged, informed and entertained following our social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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