Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (2023)

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (1)

Not long now until the season kicks off again here in Ibiza. Things will start picking up around April, but will not be in full swing until July.

January is the the peak time for people booking up San Antonio apartments and hotels online, make sure you book ASAP before everything goes.

Here are some handpicked apartments still available to rent in San Antonio, Ibiza. We will keep this post updated so you can book later on in the year if it suits you.

Beach Bungalows Cala Gracioneta

Lovely 1 bed apartment 1km from Sunset strip and Cafe Mambo

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (2)


Beautiful and well-located with easy access to two sheltered beaches, Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta (15 min walk from San An). Great views are to be had of the Mediterranean Sea, which rolls into the beaches on either side of the property.

This is a small and exclusive resort consists of 4 bungalows, which all share and overlook a large terrace and the sea. Another spacious terrace surrounds the pool, a great place to relax and soak up the rays. And when the temptation hits, there is the choice of sunning on one of the beaches, each 30 metres away.

Property: Studio
People: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Pool: Yes
Beaches: 2
Min. Stay: 3 nights


Each bungalow is a sizeable 377 square feet (35.02 m²), more than enough for two guests. The dwelling consists of a studio layout with double bed, lounge space, and en suite facilities. To make this more homely, the bungalow’s lounge area has a soft two-seater sofa and flat-screen television.

Private terrace.

And a well-equipped kitchenette means that guests are not reliant on restaurants or takeaway food. But, being in such an idyllic climate, most guests end up eating on their private terrace. The terrace has enough space for friends to dine or to sit at with a glass of wine to watch the sun setting.


If you do decide to venture beyond this secluded paradise, you can start with the El Chiringuito restaurant situated on one of the beaches. This is a small island, and everything is close by. The popular town of Ibiza is a quick drive, where you find a busy nightlife and great restaurants.

A place to party, or have peace and quiet?

If Ibiza is not your scene, then Cala Gracio is less than 1-kilometre from San Antonio. San Antonio, the home of Sunset Strip, a wonderful harbour, and other interesting sites. This is a place to get away from it all or venture into the biggest parties you could ever see.

Rating: 4.4/5

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (3)

Mambo Experience San Antonio Portmany

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (4)


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Not everyone wants a long walk to get to where the party is at. This is a spacious one-bedroom apartment. The living arrangements offer an excellent view of the boats visiting the island and overlooks the port.

The apartment has a master bedroom with a double bed and a small work area, complemented with a panoramic view of the sea. There is plenty of space for four to move around and storage to put away all your belongings. A two-person sofa will turn in to a futon for children if you need more beds.

Property: Apartment
People: 4
Bedrooms: 1 plus lounge/dining room
Bathrooms: 1
Pool: No
Beaches: 2
Min. Stay: 1 night


An L-shape sofa is a great place to sit in the afternoon and watch a film or sit at the dining table with friends. Both the living space and bedroom have air conditioning, so you can retreat from those hot summer days in comfort.

Cooking is possible in the microwave, but the apartment sits on top of a huge choice of restaurants where can get takeaways. Towels are provided, as are a washing machine and dryer so that you can keep your luggage lightweight.


Sunset Strip is at the doorstep of this apartment, and the hub of San Antonio is not much further on. There is a beach where you can swim or sunbathe. And a good choice of venues to wine and dine nearby.

One such venue is directly under the apartment. You can take in the views of the harbour while eating at the quiet restaurant or enjoy a cocktail in the bar. There are many sites to be seen in San Antonio, making this well suited for those not after the full Ibiza experience.

Rating: 4.7/5

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (5)


4 Person apartment at San Antonio Port

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (6)


This is a large single bedroom apartment, divided to make space for a kitchenette and the living space. The property offers views of San Antonio’s port, which can be admired from the living area or from the apartment’s private balcony. The balcony is furnished with a garden table large enough to seat four.

The apartment is independently air-conditioned in both the living area and bedroom, so there is rest from the heat when needed. A 4-seater dining table stands next to an L-shaped kitchen with a full range of equipment to make cooked meals.

Property: Apartment
People: 4
Bedrooms: 1 plus lounge/dining room
Bathrooms: 1
Pool: No
Beaches: 1
Min. Stay: 2 nights


The whole living space is stylish in its design and decoration, with wood floors and modern furniture. And so you can travel light, there is a washing machine in the bathroom. Little luggage with go along way, important when travelling with children.

The apartment is large enough for 4, though 4 adults may find it tricky to decide who gets the fold-out sofa bed. Roller-shutters help to block out all the sun on those mornings where you want to sleep in. And modern window installation ensures that any noise from outside it well muted.



Set in the heart of San Antonio, it is a short distance to travel before you find somewhere to eat. There is a restaurant beneath the complex and several others nearby. Then a short 5- to 10-minute walk to the centre of town where you will find all the familiar eateries as you would at home, as well as local restaurants.

The port of Ibiza is a 20-minute drive away if you take your time and go slow. And you can also get to Ibiza via bus or taxi. From the port of San Antonio, it is possible to arrive via boat, direct from Valencia, rather than travelling to Ibiza first.

Rating: 4.3/5

Aparthotel Flats Friends Tropicana

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (7)


A pleasant and quiet apartment complex, offering cleaning living, in a great location. These apartments have quick access to the main street, and the centre of San Antonio is nearby. There is a bar in front of the full-sized pool and paddling pool, so you do not have to venture far to relax in the sun.

Guests rave about the cleanliness of this accommodation and the fact that is close to a sandy beach. The beach is surrounded by rocky coves and restaurants, both great to explore. If you want to go further, regular buses run from a stop close to the apartment.

Property: Apartment
People: 2+2
Bedrooms: 1 plus lounge/dining room with sofa bed
Bathrooms: 1
Pool: No
Beaches: Several nearby
Min. Stay: 1 night


Each apartment has a double bed or two singles, subject to preference, with a wonderful view of the island. There is a large storage space by the front door, with enough space to put all your belongings in. This space also has a fixed-safe to place passports and other valuables. The rooms are en suite, complete with a full-sized bathtub.

Rooms have a convertible sofa bed, which is suitable for children, and a private balcony with great views over the town. In the living area, there is a kitchenette with a 2-plate hob and fridge, so you can opt-out of going to a restaurant.


When you are on holiday, cooking your food does not seem that appealing. The pool bar of the complex will make snacks and packed lunches if you ask. But, there are many great restaurants on the beach overlooking the harbour of San Antonio, a short walk away.

This is a small island, and nothing is that far from the apartment, San Antonio is under 2 kilometres away. The airport is less than 13 kilometres from the complex. And Ibiza, for the party goer, is a quick 15-minute drive. Pleasant for a couple, great for a family, and fun for an adventure.

Rating: 4.5/5

Studio 2 Villa Can Raes

Best apartment to chill but be close to San Antonio
Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (8)


Located in the centre of the island is the small holiday complex of Can Raes, self-sufficient with plenty of scenery. This a beautiful location, surrounded by tree-covered hills, and all towns are a short drive away.

The studio apartment has quick access to a pool, tennis court, and a children’s play area. The playground is well-equipped with toys, swings, and a trampoline. The tennis court doubles as a small football pitch. And the studio’s terrace is a private and romantic place to enjoy the late evenings.

Property: Studio
People: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Pool: Yes
Beaches: No
Min. Stay: 2 nights


(Video) Can Lluc Prats, rent an authentic villa in Ibiza

This is a good-sized studio apartment with en suite. The kitchenette has a coffee maker, microwave, and dishwasher. And an air conditioner and washing machine help to make life a little easier when travelling light from a cold country.

Tennis, ping-pong, and a pool.

Besides the other activities, there is a pool table and ping pong table for the energetic traveller, and cable TV for the more sedate. A well-decorated modern studio apartment for simple and comfortable living.


The countryside of San Rafael is quiet, a great retreat from the party atmosphere of Ibiza, a 5-minute drive away. San Antonia and its picturesque harbour are 5 minutes in the opposite direction. The airport is also around 10 minutes away.

This is a fabulous place to stay if you want to get away from it all and use the accommodation to freshen up the body. Or you could use it as a base to hit some of the most amazing venues Ibiza has to offer.

Rating: 4.6/5

If you are look for more villa options, read our guide to the best villas to rent in San Antonio.

Apartments to rent in San Antonio Ibiza for workers

Many of the apartments above will accept a long term rental for people looking to live and work in Ibiza throughout the season. We recommend getting a group of workers together, find your perfect apartment, then negotiate with the owners. Many will accept a heavily discounted price to offset any void periods they might get on their holiday rentals.

How to find an long-term rental apartment in San Antonio

  • Get a group of 3-4 friends together
  • Search Homeaway for 3/4 bedroom apartments (helps if you have couples too chipping in)
  • Contact owner and offer them 60% off list price, but for a 6-8 month contract
  • Also offer a larger deposit if possible

Why rent an apartment in San Antonio?

The west-central coast of Ibiza is where you’ll find the resort town of San Antonio. As the island’s second-largest municipal area, San Antonio is a town with several unique neighbourhoods where the party scene is especially strong. If you are planning your first trip to San Antonio, think the West End and Sunset Strip as your clubbing destinations.

San Antonio has quite a reputation as Ibiza’s party capital. However, government and local officials have worked hard over the years to develop the city’s family appeal as well. It is not unusual for locals from all over the island to descend on the resort town on weekends to enjoy its fine selection of restaurants and family-related activities.

Apartments to Rent in San Antonio Ibiza (2020 Season) - Balearic Homes (9)

Clubs in San Antonio

You’re going to Ibiza specifically to party. If clubbing is your thing, San Antonio will not disappoint with its extensive choice of clubs and bars. We can recommend four great clubs in particular; two are in the Sunset Strip area while the other is in the West End:

Eden Ibiza – This impressive super club has hosted a long list of big acts since the 1990s. It has an impressive VOID sound system and a large, open dance floor surrounded by an equally spacious balcony.

Es Paradis – Competing directly with Eden Ibiza is Es Paradis, another super club directly across the way. This venue has been around since the 1970s. Es Paradis is famous for its water parties and the always exciting Glow Neon Paint Party.

Ocean Beach – There wasn’t much by way of outdoor clubbing prior to the opening of Ocean Beach in 2012. Now Ocean Beach is the club to go to if you want to party outdoors in the glorious sunshine as you anticipate an incredible sunset. Ocean Beach is well known for its decadent pool parties, live performances, fashion shows, acrobatics, and massages.

Ibiza Rocks – The Ibiza Rocks Hotel offers a monster clubbing experience featuring a purpose-built stage that now hosts most of the major music events in San Antonio. Everything takes place in a central courtyard that includes the hotel’s main swimming pool. The events here focus heavily on electronic music along with live DJs and We Are Rock Stars parties.

Best Bars in San Antonio

Whether you’re looking to start the evening with a quick drink at the bar or you just prefer a more low-key setting, San Antonio’s bar scene has plenty to offer. Most of the best bars in the city are found on the Sunset Strip. You can order your favourite drink and sit out on the beach to watch the sun go down. Some of the more popular bars in the city include:

Café del Mar – This is one of San Antonio’s oldest and most loved bars. They have been in business for more than 30 years and are considered the original Sunset Strip bar.

Café Mambo – If you are looking for great food to go along with your drinks, Café Mambo is one of the best. This Sunset Strip bar has won the ‘Best Bar in Ibiza’ award multiple times thanks to its great food and DJ music.

(Video) Balearic House Set | Cala Tarida | 2020 Mixed By Ivan G

Savannah – The Sunset Strip has its share of low-key bars, including the very popular Savannah. You’ll find Savannah to be a peaceful, tranquil environment with plenty of cushioned seating and a beautiful wooden terrace offering unbeatable views of the sunset. The theming here is unapologetically Mediterranean.

Other bar choices include Mint, Kanya, the Plastik Bar, Itaca, and Tulp. Each one offers its own vibe in a unique setting designed to cater to targeted clientele. If you are not sure where to go, the hotel staff can point you in the right direction.

San Antonio Bay Map

Places to Eat

Dining in San Antonio is exceptional when compared to most of the other resort areas on the island. The city has gone to great lengths to invest in its dining scene in order to attract families and foodies along with the clubbers.

One of the favourites in town is known as Rincon de Pepe. It is a local icon famous for its selection of tapas choices. This restaurant is a must-visit if you want to experience authentic Spanish cuisine unspoilt by other European influences.

Tijuana Tex-Mex is a local favourite for Tex-Mex, barbeque, and Mexican beer. You might try the Bondi Restaurant for an interesting take on healthy cuisine featuring plenty of fresh, natural foods. The Bondi is quickly gaining a following in San Antonio.

Additional dining choices include Rio Ibiza (steak and seafood), Villa Mercedes Restaurant (Mediterranean-fusion), Surf Lounge Ibiza Restaurant (Mediterranean and Asian), and Sa Capella (Spanish and international cuisine).

There is no shortage of good places to eat in the West End and the Sunset Strip. But remember that San Antonio is the second largest town on the island. If you want to get away from the main tourist areas, there are plenty of smaller restaurants scattered across the town. They are where you’ll find local cuisine in an authentic local setting.

Getting to Airport

Ibiza airport is located in San Juan, roughly a 30-minute drive from San Antonio. Your three options for getting to and from the location are taxi, bus, and car rental. Taxis are the most reliable and least expensive. Buses are a bit hit and miss, so plan to wait if you want to use bus transportation. Car rental is available both in town and directly at the airport.

Getting to Playa d’en Bossa

Given that San Antonio is considered a stepping stone to the clubbing scene on Ibiza, you may want to take an evening and head down to Playa d’en Bossa on the south-east coast. Your best bet is by taxi or bus so that you’re not trying to drive back to San Antonio under the influence. Keep in mind that bus service is sketchy all across the island. If you do want to rent a car, you can get to Playa d’en Bossa in about half-an-hour.

San Antonio Ibiza Weather for next 5 Days

San Antonio FAQs

Is there a kfc ibiza san antonio?

Yes don’t panic, head for Carrer de Sant Antoni, Carrer de Santa Agnès. The KFC is at the port opposite Santander bank. Expand you eating habits a bit though and try some real spanish food.

What’s the best gym in san antonio ibiza?

Beach Box Gym is the best rated gym in San An, located at Carrer de Joan Bosca, 6, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany. The gym is open air with views of the sea.

What’s the best tapas in san antonio ibiza?

El Rincón de Pepe is very well rated, you will often see many locals here too. We recommend the ‘catch of the day’.

Is there a pharmacy ibiza san antonio?

Yes try Farmacia Irene Ramón Costa or Farmacia Manzano – both are excellent and speak good English

What’s the best paella restaurant San Antonio?

We vote for Restaurante Bar Benitez

Is there a phone shop in San Antonio?

Orange and Vodafone have shops in central San AN or try the Phone House @ Carrer Ample, 18, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany

What’s the best nail salon in San Antonio?

Try Sal Marina Beauty Salon

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